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Trouble Shooting – Quick Questions

There is NO Hot Water in the Condo

To save energy, we turn off the hot water when not in use, labelled as “Calentador or Boiler” in the control panel. We try our best to always put up the breaker for your arrival, but sometimes we forget. If there is also a power outage, the breaker sometimes will also turn off to protect itself. 

  • To turn on hot water: There is an electric switchboard in the laundry room. Make sure the breaker labeled Calentador or Boiler is up. It takes about 30 minutes for the water to heat-up. 
  • To turn off hot water to save energy : Make sure the breaker is down.

Hot Water Breaker is UP and still no Hot Water 

When turning on the water it takes a few minutes for hot water to come out. Please make sure faucet handle is all the way to the left and left running for a few minutes.

What Happens if I have a Problem or Emergency

If you need anything for the condo or have an issue, please contact us directly by sending us a message. The security guard at the Lobby/Reception does not work for us. He is there to control the guests checking in and out and keep the peace in the building. If it’s an emergency, such as water leaking or you have no electricity, please reach out to us directly. 

The Air Conditioning is Not Working or Cooling

Please make sure the breakers in the laundry room for Aire Acondicionado are up. Point the remote control directly to the AC and make sure the remote is in Cool or has the Snowflake sign. If this still does not work, let us know and we’ll have maintenance stop by and take a look as soon as possible.
* Each rooms has its own remote control 

Extra Cleaning Service

If you would like an extra cleaning during your stay, it can be arranged by request for an additional cost. The cleaning will depend on availability and the cost varies depending on whether you want linens and towels washed or not. Please contact us to arrange for additional cleaning.

How do I Pay for my Electricity Consumption

Electricity is to be paid in cash at the end of the stay and left on the kitchen counter ( unless you are staying more then a month then we collect at the end of each month. To calculate your consumption, we take a picture of the meter at time of check-in and another one at time of check-out. You can pay in Mexican Pesos or in US dollars.

Where are the Meters Located

The meters for located on the outside of the building. If you like you can ask reception where your meter is located if you would like to check your meter.
Dont worry if not, we can send you a picture of it when you checked in.

How Can I Consume Less Electricity?

  • Turn off the air conditioning when you leave the condo or a room
  • Turn the air conditioning on at 23-24 degrees Celsius and make sure all windows and doors are closed. The colder the temperature, the more energy it consumes.
  • Turn off all lights inside and outside when you leave the condo
  • If you are not in the apartment, close all blinds during the day so the apartment stays cooler. 
  • ** Unfortunately Downtown Playa del Carmen has the highest electrical charges in the entire country. Therefore, we kindly ask of you to respect what you consume as well as help the environment. 
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