Sweet Tooth Alley Downtown Playa

Craving something sweet and adventurous? You made it to the right place to try something new. The perfect little place to stop and sample some real Mexican flavour is right at the corner of 8th and 20th. Right in the main square of Playa. This unique corner has the true meaning of Mexican desserts done right. Starting around 6pm to late these street carts have just what you are looking for.

Marquesitas – a mexican style hard crepe with many different filling options. My favorite is cheese ( queso bola ) and nutella. You never can go wrong! But there are also other options that you mave crave!

Or how about some delicious churros or fresh home made chips! Yum yum….

If you are just after candies they have a cart here too!

Take a walk about the Mexican square and come back for round two! If you just can get enough! For sure you will be happy you stopped by!

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We're a locally owned and operated vacation rental company in Playa del Carmen. We're all from the area and want to share our favourite spots, secrets and local tips and cool things happening around our stunning playground.

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