Our Top List of Rainy Day Activities

Sometimes the weather may not be what you expected when you wake up in the morning. It’s rare to have rain or overcast skies all day, but it can happen. Most people get lost on what to do in a beach town on a rainy day as most activities are outdoors. But don’t worry, there is still lots of things to do in town and the surround area that can get you on your feet and out the door.

Our Top List of Rainy Day Activities:

1. Make a Spa Day

2. Explor – this activity packed park is great in the rain as you are bound to get wet anyways doing the activities! The park is inside and outside so you can definitely take advantage of being already wet.

3. Dry Caving – as Explor already has a bit of this in their park, Rio Secreto or Aktuchen allows you to go even further. These two parks have long cavern systems that are sure to impress! Something you don’t want to miss out on.

4. 3D Museum – The fun concept museum is great to spend some time out of the rain. Located in the downtown core area of Playa.

5. Shopping – there are a couple malls to go between which are Quinta Alegria on 5th Avenue and Avenida Constituyentes, Paseo del Carmen or Plaza Las Americas on the other side of the highway but you need to take a taxi. There is also shopping on 5th Avenue but you will need to run between stores to keep dry.

5. Yoga or Pilates – there are a lot of top places in playa to go to! You cant go wrong on any option you may choose.

6. Take up Salsa y bachata class at the Mario Villanueva Stadium or check online with Salsa Lovers Wordwide.

7. Cave Diving – if you love to scuba dive, this maybe your time to enjoy it in a cavern. The Yucatan peninsula is full of cenotes and connecting caverns that many people travel all around the world to experience. There are many options to choose from that are right at your doorstep.

8. Mystika Museum in Tulum – this one of a kind sensory experience, designed to take the viewer on a journey of connection with Mayan cosmology is for sure something to take up on a rainy day!

9. Cirque du Solei – La Joya – This fun experience is in the evening. You need to make reservations ahead of time to guarantee yourself a place to sit for the evening. They also have a dinning experience that is fun to do along with the show!!

10. Visit the planetarium in Playa. Take advantage and checkout the schedule here at this link: https://www.planetariodeplaya.org/

11. Escape Room Mexico – if you have ever done an escape room then you are in for something fun to do here. Located in downtown core area of Playa on the second floor is Anomalia ( 10th avenue between 12 and 14th ). Its a game where you immerse into an atmosphere of a unique adventure. Every quest consists of several rooms with every detail thoroughly thought after, so the scenario becomes a reality. In order to win the game you need to find hidden clues, solve puzzles and finally discover the room’s secrets and find the way to escape.

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