Best Coffee Shops in Playa

Not sure where you want to get your next best coffee? Try these top coffee places in the downtown core area of Playa. All with-in walking distance

Ah Cacao

This local little coffee shop has really taken off. There are three locations now:

  1. Avenida constituyentes and 5th Avenue
  2. 5th Avenue and 30th
  3. 5th Avenue, between 38th and 40th.

Cafe Choux Choux

Off the beaten track and in its own perfect setting, this coffee place is also great for its sweet breads

20th Avenue and 22nd

Chez Celine

Know for its french sweet breads and coffee. This charming little place is perfect to enjoy your coffee

Located on 5th Avenue and 34th

Cafe Marley

Cool and trendy little coffee shop. Also the owner of the shop Rohan Marley, is a son of Bob Marley. Neat place to stop!

Located on 10th Avenue and 2nd Street.

La Brioche

Coffee & Sweet Breads. This place has two locations:

1.5th Avenue and 38th

2. Avenida Constituyentes, between 15th and 20th Street

Sabrina’s Cafe

Italian coffee shop, Pasteries and Pizza! Great prices on their food as well as have a daily discounted meal!


Cant go wrong, there are muilplte locations in town too!

  1. 5th Avenue between Avenida Constituyentes and 16th ( In Quinta Alegria Mall )
  2. 5th Avenue between 28th and 30th

If you have decided that you want to make your own coffee, some great options are:

  1. Papa Charley – They sell their own roast and blend located on 32nd between 25th and 30th street.
  2. Kaawa Cafe – located a bit north of town, this place you can purchase straight from the source. Best to stop in the morning because in the afternoon they are out delivering their roasts. Located in the neighbourhood of Nicte-Ha between streets 5th and 5th Bis. There is no sign out front, but you’ll know your close by when you smell the coffee!
  3. Punta de Cielo: found in the grocery store Mega in metal cans. these are great little pods that can be used in Nespresso Machines if your on the look out for local flavor with your favorite machine.
  4. Nespresso: Real Nespresso capsule can be found at Mega/Soriana. They offer the Starbucks capsules in a couple different versions.

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