Favourite Vegan Restaurants in town

Eating healthy has become increasingly popular in the last few years and Playa has caught onto the trend with various vegan/vegetarian/organic restaurants popping up all over the place. As someone who’s lactose and gluten-intolerant and quite sensitive to red meat, I like going to these restaurants to get my fix on my favourite foods, especially Mexican food which often has dairy. Don’t be fooled, vegan food can be very tasty and you might discover that you don’t hate not eating meat! Here is a list of my favourite restaurants and what I like ordering.


My favourite dishes are the quinoa bowl and the falafel plate or the pita falafel with chipotle.
For breakfast I like to have the coconut yogurt with seasonal fruit and Yucatán honey or one of their omelettes and I like to accompany my breakfast with a magnifico juice which is just that, magnificent! To satisfy my craving between meals I like to have the coconut-kale smoothie.
Connected to the restaurant is also their grocery store where you can find a large selection of organic, vegan and vegetarian products as well as organic wines.
Their restaurant and grocery store is located on 10th between 16 and Constituyentes behind Quinta Algeria Mall. They also have another grocery store on 5th between 40 and 42.




I recommend trying their hibiscus flower tacos with lots of guacamole or their tacos al pastor, they are both delicious and very flavourful. The Yucatecan lentil stew is super tasty and very filling and their panuchos with vegan chorizo are excellent as well.

Next to the restaurant is also a grocery store with all organic, vegan and vegetarian products.

Visit their restaurant on 26th street between 5th and 10th.

La Senda Vegana

Their pasta-pesto zucchini noodles are exquisite and their lentil burger is delicious as well as any of their Mexican dishes. If you want a light meal I recommend their caprese salad, it is just as good as the real one. La Senda is located on 10th between 10 and 12.

The Pitted Date

This new little restaurant is more of a bistro/café type. Their breakfast burritos are simply amazing and their croissants are delicious. My favourite salad is their mantra salad and I like to add some quinoa for extra protein. Accompany your meal with one of their refreshing detox waters and if you have a sweet tooth I definitely recommend their desserts which won’t make you feel guilty after you’ve devoured a couple of them! Instead of coffee I like having their matcha latte which gives me an instant energy boost. You will definitely leave with a happy tummy!



Delicious gluten-free pizza, salads, ceviche, pasta and appetizers! Their pancakes with homemade nutella are exquisite. Everything is created from scratch and they take a lot of pride in serving food that’s good for the environment and for your health, growing their own vegetables or having them locally sourced.



Located on 30th Avenue, corner of 20th, they are open from 9 am until 9 pm.
Buen provecho and let me know what your favourite picks are!

P.S. If the people you’re traveling want to eat sushi, Kampai has 2 vegetarian sushi rolls and Nikkori has a couple of vegan items on their menu as well!

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